Business Intelligence & Trend Analysis - Avantive Solutions


Avantive Solutions drives sales and revenue for our clients through both new customer acquisition and upgrades to existing customers. Our data scientists track a myriad of real-time and historical metrics for our inbound and outbound programs. This allows us to find repetitive patterns and utilize these to create targeted calling or staffing plans.

 Our outbound campaigns are prioritized for the best dialing times and target number of dials before a campaign begins.  Individual leads are scored according to a proprietary logarithm and then combined to determine the appropriate dialing pattern. The overall quality score of each file is also compared to previous files. This feedback is regularly provided to our clients and assists them in choosing the most successful methods of sourcing their leads.

Business Intelligence
Trend Analysis

Our Caller ID library of thousands of numbers provides for near-to-customer proximity geographical displays.  When combined with our Rich Call Data name display, it achieves unparalleled results for our clients. 

Additionally, we can append a demographic lookup based on zip code plus four. This enables us to apply known customer profiles and create unique scripting for the varying demographics.

We also analyze all inbound calls based on customer type, agent strength, and results.
Our in-depth analysis allows us to partner with our clients to implement changes to strategy or call routing to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  

Our agent analysis and skill-based routing increase our speed to green on inbound programs and drive results. 

 We have found over the years that such planning and analysis yields far more successful programs for our clients. The result is higher customer satisfaction as well as reductions in cost and customer churn.