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OmniTouch Voice Analytics Actionable Insight Using Voice Analytics - “Smarter now than 15 minutes ago”​

Avantive Solutions pairs Listening Technology and an enhanced Analytics Engine together with a powerful Technology Stack turning raw unstructured voice data into structured, rich data

This progressive digital enterprise allows us to critically analyze the performance of each program using specific meta-data. 

The platform provides analysis for 100% of calls in any program and allows us to determine the accuracy of the call disposition and outcome. Calls can then be reviewed and potentially flagged for training and agent development opportunities. 

Quality Assurance examines trend lines within the programs to proactively determine 
corrective actions leading to both improved performance and client satisfaction.  

The insight platform, used to collect voice data, provides an 
easy-to-understand dashboard where all levels of management can visualize results and utilize for their staff.

As part of this technology, customized reporting can be implemented and built upon request.

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