Global Generosity: Our International Toy Drive

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Our recent company-wide toy drive has filled us with gratitude and inspiration as we reflect on the remarkable success of this heartwarming initiative. Thanks to the steadfast efforts of our dedicated contact center teams spanning the globe, we have brought joy to the faces of children in underserved communities.

In the spirit of giving back, our Noida site collaborated with Goodworks Trust, Guadalajara partnered with ONI, and Mexico City teamed up with Hogar y Futuro AC.  Each location took a hands-on approach, personally delivering toys and spending quality time with the children. Recognizing the importance of reaching even more children, our Tulsa site and U.S. Work-at-Home teams chose to support Toys for Tots. Through their thoughtful contributions, they played a vital role in ensuring that local children experienced the magic of the holiday season.

Together, we were able to collect hundreds of toys, spreading joy far and wide. We extend a heartfelt thank you to our employees in India, Mexico, and the United States for their dedication and generosity in making this initiative a success. We are immensely proud to have such passionate individuals as part of our contact center teams.

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Toydrive India

This isn’t the first time our global teams have made a collective difference. Click here to read about our impactful “Paws & Purpose” initiative, where we partnered with local animal shelters, leaving a lasting impression in the lives of our furry friends.

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