Improving Customer Experience Through Digital Transformation

The future of customer experience is here, and it’s time for brands to achieve competitive differentiation. In the latest issue of CX Insights digital magazine, we discuss how incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence technology into your CX initiatives can help you deliver even more personalized customer experiences.

“Some people hear ‘artificial intelligence’ and think of Sci-Fi movies where robots take over. Even for those that are not that wary, there is often the concern of interactions being impersonal and lacking human touch, leading to faster frustration levels — especially after two years of limited human contact around the world. However, when done well, digital transformation technologies not only optimize processes, but also make for a richer, more personalized experience for individuals.”

Read the full article here, starting on page 10. For more info on this topic, join our CEO Frank Pettinato for a webinar co-hosted with Execs In The Know on November 10th. Register now.

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