Podcast: Enhance Your Contact Center Strategy with Blendshoring

Staying ahead of the curve requires continually exploring and adopting innovative strategies. You might be familiar with onshore, offshore, and nearshore contact centers, but have you heard of blendshoring?


Michael Ferrari on the My Curious Colleague Podcast

Michael Ferrari recently joined Denise Venneri on the My Curious Colleague Podcast to discuss an innovative approach that combines onshore, offshore, and nearshore outsourcing into a powerful new strategy: blendshoring. This hybrid model leverages the best aspects of different geographical locations to optimize your contact centers’ efficiency, cost, and quality.

Why Blendshoring Is a Game-Changer for Contact Center Clients

  • Enhanced Flexibility: By combining resources from multiple locations, businesses can swiftly adapt to changes in the market and supply chain disruptions.
  • Cost Efficiency: Blendshoring allows companies to optimize costs by leveraging the most cost-effective resources from each location while maintaining high standards of quality and service.
  • Improved Quality: Access to a diverse talent pool ensures that companies can outsource the best expertise and skills from around the world, leading to better quality outputs.
  • Risk Mitigation: Diversifying outsourcing locations reduces the risk of relying on a single geographical area, thus enhancing business continuity.

Tune In to Learn More

🎙️ Listen to the My Curious Colleague Podcast for practical insights and real-life examples that could transform your company’s outsourcing strategy.



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