Leveraging Branded Calling to Build Trust and Increase Customer Engagement

With the rise of spam calls and fraudulent activities, consumers have become wary of picking up calls from unknown numbers. To tackle this challenge, businesses, especially those operating in BPOs and contact centers, are turning to innovative solutions such as branded calling. This blog explores the strategic concept of branded calling and its profound impact on customer engagement, demonstrated through our compelling case study.

What is Branded Calling?

Branded calling is the evolution of traditional caller ID, tailored to display recognizable brand assets when a call is received on wireless devices like cell phones. By incorporating branded elements such as logos and reason for calling, businesses aim to enhance identity presentation and establish trust with their customers and prospects.

A Customer-Centric Approach

It’s essential to recognize that each call represents a real person on the other end, and the impact of these interactions can shape their perception of your brand. Factors such as existing customer relationships and the importance of the information being delivered play a pivotal role in determining the risk versus reward of branded calling.

Case Study: Pet Recovery Calls

An example of branded calling’s effectiveness within a contact center is demonstrated in the case of our pet recovery client. By branding their phone calls, the company established trust and facilitated quicker resolutions for pet owners in distress. The familiarity of the brand identity instilled confidence, leading to higher live answer rates and operational efficiencies.

Preview of Key Results:

  • +25% Unique Calls Answered: Branded calling led to a significant increase in the number of calls answered by pet owners.
  • 15% Campaign Cost Savings: Operational improvements and reduced call attempts resulted in cost savings for the company.

Other impressive outcomes, achieved in collaboration with Numeracle, are waiting to be discovered in our full case study. Explore the strategic impact of branded calling further.

Branded calling is a powerful tool for brands and their contact centers to connect with their audience authentically. By prioritizing customer relationships and leveraging identity presentation technology, brands can enhance engagement, drive efficiencies, and ultimately, foster long-term loyalty. As demonstrated by the pet recovery case study, the adoption of branded calling can yield tangible benefits, transforming communication channels into avenues of trust and reliability.

About Numeracle

Leveraging entity identity, Numeracle manages your branded presentation across top wireless carriers, along with improper call blocking and labeling prevention, remediation, visibility to number reputation, and more, to empower wanted communications.

If you’d like more information about Numeracle’s Smart Branding Solution for branded calling, visit their website.


How does branded calling differ from traditional caller ID systems?

Branded calling leverages Rich Call Data (RCD), to display recognizable brand assets including caller name, brand logo, and custom call reason when a call is received. This personalized touch helps businesses establish trust and authenticity with their customers.

Does branded calling comply with privacy regulations, including those enforced by the FCC?

Yes, branded calling solutions prioritize compliance with privacy regulations, including those mandated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

How can businesses measure the success of branded calling campaigns?

Businesses can measure the success of branded calling campaigns by tracking metrics such as call answer rates, customer satisfaction scores, and conversion rates. Analyzing these KPIs provides insights into the effectiveness of branded calling in engaging customers and driving desired outcomes.

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