World Book Day: Diverse Reads Recommended by Our Global Team

At Avantive Solutions, we’re passionate about the power of stories to bridge gaps between cultures and continents. As we celebrate World Book Day, we’re thrilled to share a glimpse into the books enjoyed by diverse team members spread across the USA, Mexico, and India.

As a global and inclusive company, we believe that diversity in the workplace is an integral part of who we are. Our team members’ unique backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives help us connect with our colleagues, clients, and customers to ensure the best contact center services and innovation solutions.
We’re proud to have a team of avid readers who share a passion for exploring new worlds and ideas. Join us as we explore the transformative magic of literature and celebrate the richness of our team.

Frank Pettinato CEO recommends Radical Candor by Kim Scott. “It offers invaluable insights into fostering a culture of honesty and growth within any organization. It is a must-read book for anyone striving to lead with authenticity.”

Vanshika Chaudhary, Quality Analyst Spanish, says “The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is based on a real situation in Afghanistan. It’s a touching story of two boys’ friendship and sacrifices. My favorite quote is ‘A boy who can’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up for anything.’”

Greta Medina, Marketing Manager loves The Analyst by John Katzenbach. “It’s an amazing psychological thriller that explores psychoanalysis, psychiatrists’ control over their patients, and the grave consequences of their actions or inactions. It’s engrossing and has an unexpected conclusion.”

General Manager of Latin America, Josue Ceron, says “Trust & Inspire by Stephen M.R. Covey is a great foundation to understand the basics of leadership. It will help leaders turn into mentors for their teams, having the correct approach and mastery of leadership skills.”

“The Forest of Enchantments by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is the story of Ramayan, the epic narrative of ancient India, from the perspective of Sita, Lord Rama’s wife. It is laced with her joys and sorrows, her agony and triumph, her heartbreak, and her resilience,” says Sakshi Singh, Quality Analyst.

Adrienne Valpy, Senior Marketing Manager says “Grief Is For People by Sloane Crosley is a nonfiction exploration of friendship and loss, crafted into a captivating story. It’s beautifully written; I highlighted so many parts in my copy! I’d recommend this to readers who have experienced the loss of a loved one to suicide.”

“I’d recommend Avalanche by Kimbra Swain to anyone who enjoys thrillers, but it also gives you a taste of romance. It’s enthralling and I could envision every scene as they unraveled. Trust me, it was my absolute favorite read of last year!” says Jessika Rosenberg, Site Director of Tulsa.

Francisco Cornejo, Director of Sales Operations recommends Crucial Conversations. “It shows you that difficult conversations must happen for you to succeed anywhere in life and that it’s not bad to have these types of conversations. They help you grow in a personal and professional manner.”

Join the discussion on our LinkedIn. Happy World Book Day from all of us at Avantive Solutions!

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