Case Study: Branded Calling Strategy in the Customer Journey


Imagine your business’s name and logo displayed prominently on your customer’s caller ID, creating an instant connection, and building trust from the first ring. Since the introduction of branded calling, the popular market theory has been that giving more info through branded calls would make customers more likely to answer and/or interact with the brand originating the call. But is it really that simple? Should businesses brand all their calls?

Avantive Solutions collaborated with Numeracle™ Inc. to conduct a joint case study, “Branded Calling Strategy in the Customer Journey,” unveiled at PACE ACX ’23. This study challenges the widespread belief that branding all numbers and call attempts guarantees unparalleled contact rates. The results? A revelation that branding all numbers or call attempts without considering the customer journey nuances does not universally deliver the anticipated results or ROI.

Frank Pettinato, our CEO, added “Success in branded calling hinges on the type of contact and the existing relationship with the brand. A layered approach involving reputation management and strategic branding ensures a cost-effective solution with positive ROI.”

Ready to discover the power of strategic branding tailored to your customer journey, driving results, and optimizing your ROI? Dive into the comprehensive findings of our case study and gain actionable insights to reshape your calling strategy.

Download “Branded Calling Strategy in the Customer Journey” here.

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