Decoding Branded Calling with Telecom Reseller

Discover valuable insights on branded calling in a recent Telecom Reseller Podcast episode featuring Avantive Solutions CEO, Frank Pettinato. Frank and Doug Green discuss the misconceptions surrounding branded calling, emphasizing strategic decision-making and careful consideration for maximum ROI and customer impact. Learn how to transform your customer communication into a seamless, engaging experience by understanding customer interactions and tailoring your approach.

Listen to the podcast now or save it for later.

In a collaborative effort with Numeracle Inc., we conducted a joint case study titled “Branded Calling Strategy in the Customer Journey.” The study uncovered a vital revelation: branding all numbers or call attempts without considering the intricacies of the customer journey may not universally deliver the anticipated results or ROI. The lesson learned is clear—understand the complexities of customer interactions and tailor your approach accordingly to transform your communication into a seamless, engaging, and impactful experience.

For a deeper exploration of these findings and recommendations, download the full case study here. Whether you’re a seasoned telecommunications professional, a business owner, or an industry enthusiast, this podcast episode and case study provide essential insights into optimizing caller ID authentication and telecommunication solutions for a more impactful and successful customer journey. Listen to the podcast now or save it for later and take the first step toward enhancing your branded calling strategy.


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